Security, Logistics, Human Resources and Staffing

Classified Information

Our on-staff personnel hold government security clearances and we offer clients physical, information and other security consultations and training to include Facility Security Officer (FSO) support.


Our supply chain experts have experience as career logisticians in the public and private sector including non-profits, corporations and government agencies including the military.  This includes both standard operations and responses to complex emergencies.  They supported studies current logistics chains with recommendations for improvements. These encompassed international projects including the United Nation World Food Program with and assessment of their warehousing operations and deliberate planning for Africa's Sahel Region.


Human Resources (HR)
We are a proven provider of strategic communications, public relations and other services. Our capabilities include analysis of an organization's Human Resource capabilities then developing Procedures, and Standing Operating Procedures; Recruiting and Hiring; HR reporting programs with associated metrics; employee and manager surveys; policy review and update; on-boarding and orientation covering the employee lifecycle; and forming and maintaining highly productive teams.

Our capabilities also include position classification, benefits determination and position description services.


Staffing Support
Our current human resource temporary and long term staffing includes 190+ labor categories.

We strive to always respond quickly and effectively and only place employees that have the required experience and are a good fit for the customer.

  • We conduct initial interviews, applicant testing and reference checks.
  • We offer several employee classification opportunities including – Direct Hire, Temporary to Hire (90 day/500 minimum worked hours probation period) and Temporary/Seasonal.