International Development


Sustainable Livelihoods using CAI's Capital Analysis and Performance Strategy (CAPS)

The strategic foundation for CAI's development capabilities is our proprietary Capital Analysis and Performance Strategy (CAPSSM). Traditional approaches often view problems through a single domain specific lens (e.g. health, political). CAPS, on the other hand:

  • Analyzes problems and produces solutions using multiple lenses that correspond to seven capital forms (Political, Natural, Economic, Infrastructure, Cultural, Social, and Human).
  • Recognizes the capital forms are related and interdependent where a change in one may dramatically influence others.
  • Is a holistic approach focused on doing and responding to needs with sustainable solutions.

The goal of CAPS is four-fold:

  1. A disciplined analysis to clearly define the problem, root causes, and relationships among the seven capital forms—the as is state. The relationships among the capital forms in this as-is state guides recognition of root causes and solutions. This ensures solutions do not promote efforts in one capital form while producing negative impacts on others.
  2. Existing efforts are reviewed. Decisions to maintain them as best practices or divest them are informed by the analysis of the as-is state.
  3. Potential solutions are prioritized using a variety of metrics including direct and indirect return on investment. These metrics are derived from quantitative and qualitative variables with well established relationships to the capital forms.
  4. A locally led holistic approach with immediate implementation ensures the knowledge, skills, and associated capabilities are transitioned to the project country in a sustainable manner.

Please contact us for a complete overview of the CAPS model and how it can benefit your programs, projects and other needs.