Human Factors

CAI staff have a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of Human Factors. Collectively, CAI subject matter experts have performed usability testing on complex software systems, designed the user interface for high-stakes planning systems, designed and implemented software to improve the effectiveness of low- to high-fidelity training systems, constructed behaviorally anchored rating scales for the collection of human performance data under austere field conditions, investigated the root causes of errors in complex human-technology systems (e.g., process control, aviation, nuclear power), as well as conducted market research to identify the design features of products that have the highest impact on consumer preferences and buying decisions.

In all these areas, CAI staff have focused their efforts on clearly defining the problem, collecting information first-hand from direct observations of the system under study, involving the user community directly in the design, using the most efficient and cost-effective means for collecting data, and providing reports in clear jargon-free language that can be understood by all involved parties.