Business Case Development

We tailor analysis to the strengths of the customer’s business and the opportunities that represent the highest Return on Investment (ROI). CAI customized business cases provides an assessment of business potential in the desired market country(ies) and a recommended approach for opportunities found it addresses product and technology requirements and synergies with high level priorities by country and a macro-level overview of major lines of engagement. It generically identifies and defines requirements, potential funding sources and agency sponsors.

The CAI methodology uses data from globally recognized authoritative sources (World Bank (WB), United Nations (UN), USG, etc.) with Partners International Foundation’s (PIF) direct assessments, world class subject matter experts, and the proprietary Capital Performance and Analysis Strategy (CAPS) that examines the current state and opportunities along the seven capital forms (Political, Natural, Economic, Infrastructure, Cultural, Social, and Human)

Using our customer’s goals, objectives, and strengths, our regional macro-analysis uses a variety of objective factors to produce a focused list of countries recommended for engagement. Select countries are then used in the business case analysis of alternatives resulting in a recommendation to provide the highest potential ROI with least risk (after application of risk mitigation).

Finally, potential founding sources and associated lines of engagement are assessed using candidates from both the public and private sectors. These provide results used in estimating ROI potential and areas most likely to produce profitable engagements in the various business sectors. It also provides analysis of the funding potential from major agencies, sovereigns, and private sector for each developed Course of Action (COA). Specific Analysis capabilities include:

  • Market Analysis, Entry Research and Identification
  • Data collection and analysis of the market potential lucrativeness vis-a-vis a fit with the client's capabilities, cultural inclinations and philosophy
  • Evaluation of the business-friendly climate and government(s), e.g., local and national, as a part of market attractiveness
  • Specific identification of the barriers to entry, key factors for success, the decision-maker process and key influencers
  • Identification and creation of possible partnerships to help in the market entry process.

Strategic Planning to Seize Opportunities with Reduced Risk and High Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Tailored Business Strategies
  • Competitor Assessment, best practices, and Benchmarking
  • Market Survey Design, implementation, Data coding and interpretation

Forming Highly Productive Teams (Internal, Foreign Partners, Public-Private Partnerships)

  • Foreign Partner Identification
  • Acquiring the Needed Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to Achieve Sustained Success
  • Briefing on legal framework for protection of foreign direct investment in selected jurisdictions.
  • Providing advice on trade and investment opportunities.
  •  Assisting companies with training of their personnel on cultural sensitivity in their operations in foreign countries.
  • Cultural Immersion and Training
  • Organizational and Cultural Alignment
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration
  • Global Team Building
  • Multicultural Workforce Development
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Relocation services including real estate sourcing and transaction closure

Entering Markets and Executing for Maximum Success

No matter how good the analysis or the strategy it underpins, both are of little value without the ability to successfully execute. CAI Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide the assistance needed for successful execution. The CAI provides facilitation and team building expertise between partners to ensure the vision is not just developed but executed for maximum ROI.

  • Access
  • Organizing customized trade missions (outbound from and in-bound to the US and Africa)
  • Program Management
  • Technical assistance and Import/Export
  • Program and Process Improvement

Globalization of Existing Portfolios, Product Lines and Services

  • Expanding current operations into Africa
  • Evaluation of current activities and cost efficiency
  • Competitive assessment
  • Market trends
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Innovation process