Corporate Overview

As a capability to define problems and provide solutions, the CAI redefines the public-private partnership and government-private sector capability development paradigms.

The CAI provides a virtual and physical place where the best people and the best technology, regardless of source or organization, are brought together within the right context to solve the most challenging problems while maintaining a clear definition of the future. The CAI removes many of the key obstacles keeping industry from more widespread collaboration, particularly those discouraging small, innovative technology and non-technology companies from participating in large defense, homeland security, and industrial projects. We are a “global help desk”, ready to meet any client need in any capacity.

The CAI Strategy uses discovery, adaptation, and integration to develop and implement a business process that achieve optimal creativity, innovation, capabilities, and solutions. It accomplishes this using an innovative approach of engaging industry and other members of the private sector to quickly bring the best minds (intellectual, imaginative, and creative) together with the best material and non-material solutions in a collaborative environment where concepts, capabilities, and other solutions are determined.

Operating Philosophy

The CAI business process is designed to rapidly develop and produce products using several key capabilities. The organization and processes will:

  • Rapidly provide customers with best value solutions to their most difficult challenges while producing rapid and high return on their investment.
  • Continually attract the best minds and the best technologies available from any source;  remove obstacles to sharing appropriate Intellectual Property (IP) rights for specific projects.
  • Encourage an inclusive approach and promote effective cooperation or competition as appropriate for all work
  • Create an environment for a full and open dialogue (vice discussion)1 to address complex challenges then determine and implement solutions.
  • Disclose all results and findings; share technologies openly between partners.


Core group – The core staff provides daily operations and facilitates the execution of CAI and associated participant activities. For our people we will apply one simple approach: hire the best people in the world. They ware available to support project partners. Teaming partners provide their own core teams of any size based on their level of participation. 

Right people, any place, any time – The best is always available from participants such as the governmental, academic, private sector, multi-national, and inter-agency participants. Each comes with their own expertise and access to the best in their respective areas. The result is a strong internal network built from partnerships inherent in the design. 

A portion of all CAI proceeds as well as the Pro Bono work of our staff and teaming partners supports our community responsibility programs through Partners International Foundation including its development, disaster response and Helping the Heroes programs.


1 The term dialogue is specifically chosen to set the tone and the environment for the effort. By definition, dialogue means "flow of meaning" while discussion has the same root as concussion and percussion - literally "to shake apart" or argue the pros and cons. Dialogue is "inquiry-oriented, or listening-oriented" while discussion is "advocacy-oriented." This behavior is key to the organization’s approach of free and open discussion where participant’s shed their parochial baggage in favor of contributing toward the best solution regardless of source.