Meeting the Most Difficult Challenges

The CAI removes many of the key obstacles keeping industry from more widespread collaboration, particularly those discouraging small, innovative technology companies from participating in large defense, homeland security, and industrial projects. We are ready to meet any client need in any capacity. The CAI Strategy uses discovery, adaptation, and integration to rapidly achieve optimal creativity, innovation, capabilities, and solutions at the best value.



The CAI is a non-partisan body that facilitates bringing together human ingenuity and technology, from any source, to solve complex problems in any sector and in any scale.

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We apply innovative solutions to the most difficult problems our public and private sector customers encounter --- from individual companies to sovereign nations

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Through innovative teaming and public-private partnerships our Teaming Partners share the single goal of achieving the highest success for our customers.

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An innovative approach to rapid solutions

We are a virtual and physical place where the best people and the best technology, regardless of source or organization, are brought together within the right context to solve the most challenging problems while maintaining a clear definition of the future. Our innovative approach engages the public and private sectors to quickly bring the best minds (intellectual, imaginative, and creative) together with the best material and non-material solutions in a collaborative environment where concepts, capabilities, and other solutions are produced.

Highlighted Capabilities

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  • Africa Engagements
  • Business Case Development
  • Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Facilitation and acceleration
  • Human Factors
  • International Development
  • Logistics Assessments and Surveys
  • Manpower and Workload Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Sector and Government Affairs
  • Technology Solutions

Studies, Research and Analysis

Our Qualitative research utilizes methods of inquiry employed in disciplines including the social sciences, workload measures, Human Factors, customer service and more in any domain. Our quantitative research uses systematic empirical investigation of social phenomena via statistical, mathematical, numerical data or computational techniques and maintain a Federally Registered Institutional Review Board.

Acquisition and Procurement Support Services
We provide the full range of acquisition support services throughout the entire acquisition life-cycle through Subject Matter Experts experienced in Federal, State, and local procurement of technical and non-technical goods and services in any domain. We are also unique in our ability to provide acquisition training to build capacity within our customer's organization.

Organization, Process and Quality Improvement

Internationally recognized Federal, State, local and private sector expertise in organizational design, workload standards & measures, change management,Six Sigma, Lean, organization, process,  functional analysis and more to drive breakthrough improvements. We can provide strategic planning and implementation support as well as training and facilitation to build your internal Continuous Quality Improvement capacity.

Security, Logistics, Human Resources

Our on-staff personnel hold government security clearances and we offer clients physical, information and other security consultations and training to include Facility Security Officer (FSO) support.  We are a proven provider of strategic communications, public relations and other services. Our human resource staffing covers 190+ labor categories, and our supply chain experts have supported customers internationally including the United Nations. 

Training Capabilities

On-line Training

Over 400 online courses ranging from professional development to technical. Many include industry standard certifications in Program Management, Cyber Security, Information Technology and more. Click on the ICON to view our entire online synchronous and asynchronous course catalog.

Facilitated Training

We offer pedagogically sound, high quality, engaging classroom and blended learning instruction and group facilitation including leader development, procurement, supply chain, legal, information technology, security, OSHA, program management, business competencies, professional certifications and more.

Custom Training Development
Training is designed using the principles of adult learning. All instruction and classroom interaction is tailored to the learning styles of each group and can be customized customer needs. We can also create custom online or live training programs of instruction for specific customer subject areas.

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Training Assessments and Planning
Services range from a full assessment of customer training and professional development needs to producing a performance-based training implementation, and assessment plan for individual offices or entire organizations.

Selected Successes and Discriminators

Workload Measures Study

CAI's study with analysis produced a comprehensive report covering all 12 VDSS Benefits and Services Programs using surveys, Delphi Groups and other approaches to engage 8,000+ employees geographically dispersed in over 120 local offices across Virginia. The result produced workload measures for all benefit and family service programs delivered by those local offices; specifications for a workload measures model; value stream analysis of all 12 programs; and real-time workload tracking to produce objective workload standards tailored to programs, and support investigations and full regulatory compliance.

Organizational Improvement
Conducted Kaizen and other events to design the recruiting, hiring, and retention programs with facilitating employee and Senior Manager Change Management Sessions that included self-assessment, quality and functional assessments, and team building.  We developed the Agency’s Standing Operating Procedures (SOPS) for recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and mentorship and all associated training.

 Australia Analyst Training
For Australia's Training Defense Intelligence Organization (DIO) we assisted in developing and delivering a custom training program for intelligence analysts including Program of Instruction, a pilot course, Program revisions and facilitating classroom sessions for the DIO staff including a classified component. Training was developed to DIO's specific requirements our portion delivered by one of our Subject Matter Experts.

Command Studies and Analysis
Survey, analysis, and requirements determination support to the US Army’s Human Resources Command (HRC) SFL-TAP Tactical Employment Connection in establishing a nation-wide “tactical” employment connection between transitioning Soldiers. Provided HRC's Resiliency Office with manpower requirements determination and documentation expertise supporting organizational design.

Awards, Certifications and and Registrations
Our Subject Matter Experts are internationally recognized with Six Sigma and other awards.Our Institutional Review Board is registered with the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) we hold a U.S Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Exporter Registration (ITARS).

Engaging with CAI to meet your needs

Seaport-e NxGen

A Seaport-e Next Generation (NxGen) Prime providing services broadly categorized into engineering services and program management services. Within those two categories we can deliver in the the 23 functional areas. Our NxGen Team consist of highly innovative and responsive Small, Veteran-owned, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned, Woman and Minority owned business.

NASPO Procurement of Acquisition Support Services (PASS)
Under Master Agreement 19-19-04, States, localities and other entities can directly order the full range of acquisition support services throughout the acquisition life-cycle. These include, but are not limited to: acquisition planning, market research, solicitation, award, contract management, completion, closeout and contract monitoring. We support both conventional, agile, and performance-based acquisitions.

Consulting Services

Under state-wide contract WM19-2035, State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Learning, Municipalities, and others can directly order a full spectrum of data collection, subject matter expert, developer, programmer, software engineer, publishing, communications, translation  and other services. Others include all our training, research, studies, analysis, acquisition support services, as well as event coordination, International Rule of Law support and more.

Videography, Photography, Writing and Editing Services
Under state-wide contract WM20-2190, State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Learning, Municipalities, and others can directly order a full spectrum of writing and media related services to include: photography (structuresd and live action), videography (script writing and interviewing, video shoots, video editing services (voice over, music and/or sound effects, video graphics and/or animation, and creating final edited footage) and freelance writing (articles, books, mail, letters, magazines, blog posts, web publication, etc.)