Available Instructor Facilitated Self-Development Training

These are just a sampling of our most popular offerings. please contact us for the full catalog of our synchronous, asynchronous, Instructor Facilitated and blended learning topics.

Cultural Immersion

When functioning internationally or with multiple cultures, it is essential to be culturally-fluent with the personal impact and skills to perform when working with or in another culture. CAI Cultural Immersion Solutions instill cultural fluency in our clients, i.e. not only knowing, but doing the right things at the right time. Our cultural immersion programs are conducted by a team of indigenous instructors and human facts experts who provide the scientific research-based foundation required for cultural and business interactions.  

Emotional Intelligence

When you complete this class you will know what Emotional Intelligence is and be able to compute your own Emotional IQ; understand how EQ influences you and others; understand the personal and work-related benefits of raising your EQ; and develop the skill to actively begin to develop a higher EQ. Course Includes: What is Emotional Intelligence?; Understanding How Emotions Influence Behavior?; and Five Personal EQ Competencies