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Thank you for visiting the CAI store for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related initiatives. Here you will find innovative and critical supplies to meet the needs of your company, its employees, the public and your facilities during any complex emergency.

Our supply chain includes over 100 suppliers with an emphasis on USA-made products. If you do not find a product listed that meets your needs, please contact us at and we will locate it and compete your requirement among multiple suppliers for the best price.

SAMPLE01 - Full Sample and Information Kit

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Product Details

Sample kit with the following self-cleaning products in addition to our full information binder. This kit contains the following products.

  • Small and large travel kits (clear envelope with tamper evident seal)
  • Child place mat
  • 6x9 door push pad
  • 4x18 push bar or wide handle wrap
  • 3.6x12 push bar or wide handle wrap
  • 4x9 push bar or handle wrap
  • 3x4 door handle wrap
  • 4x6 door handle wrap
  • Ultra durable window counter mat
  • Ultra durable narrow window counter mat
  • Ultra durable mouse pad
  • Hotel TV channel guide (branded sample)
  • Tissue box cover
  • Elevator Button
  • 9"x12" Clear Film for Touchscreens

The following products are not included in the sample kit but are so similar to items in the kit that they were omitted to reduce cost:

  • 12x18 placemat (same material as travel mat)
  • Facility starter kit
  • Student mat in clear envelope
  • MyPlate student mat
  • MyPlate student mat in clear envelope

This kit can only be ordered online for shipment within the continental United States. If you are outside of the US, please email.

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