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AccuTherm™ Hands-Free Wall Mount Forehead IR Thermometer

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Brand: AccuTherm

Wall-Mountable Infrared Thermometer that automatically (hands-free) detects individuals temperatures. Walk up... place forehead within 3” of the scanner to get automatic temperature readings on digital display . Audible and visual alarms if a fever is detected.

No human-to-human contact, avoids cross-infection.

This is perfect for entrances into office buildings, schools, retail shops, gyms, and more without the need of an employee to scan each person entering the location.

They are a PERFECT complement to our standing touchless hand sanitizer dispensers for a true "health check station" !

This unit can also be monted on a tripod or anything else that has a 1/4"-20 screw. Great for placement in hallways, outdoor events and more.

  • Hands-Free Automatic Temperature Scanning
  • Checks up to 50 people per minute
  • Fast 0.5 Second Scan
  • High Accuracy... ±1.0°F
  • Display with viewing distance of 16+ feet
  • Audible “Di Di” sound & Red LED Visual Fever Alarms
  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit Scale
  • USB power sourcse, Wall charger, built-in lithium battery (not included), or power bank
  • Three modes of operation... Surface, Body or Counting mode (up to 999)
  • Tripod mountable has 1/4"-20 thread
  • Place of Manufacture: China

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