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4 BOTTLE PACK - The Official Jethro Tull 80% Hand Sanitizer 500ml (16.9oz) per bottle

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Product Details
UPC: Tull_500-4PK
Brand: Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium

You will receive 4ea 500ml (16.9oz) bottles of the official Jethro Tull Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is formulated in United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facilities in strict accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) approved formula. It contains a minimum of 80% organic denatured alcohol and meets 100% of the Center for Disease control, WHO and FDA guidelines and specifications. It is 100% "Made in the USA" to include all environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable packaging. The bottle neck is a standard 28-400 finish allowing it to accepts standard water bottle pop-up caps as well as many of the most common sprayers, pump tops, and other dispensers.

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