NANO Sanitizer

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Fully protect your employees and the public with this innovative self-cleaning solution for facility and equipment touch points

The increasing U.S. and global demand to protect employees and the public from transfer of COVID-19 is causing a critical shortage of Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectants, Hand Wipes and other supplies within the supply chain. There are long lead times and extensive back-orders and the very nature of these expendable supplies makes it almost impossible to maintain a consistent and effective sanitation program.

New nano technology provides an alternative that self-disinfects almost any surface in as little as 30 minutes after contact and provides continual self-sanitation for up to three months. This dramatically reduces the amount of disinfectants continual cleaning, hand sanitizer, hand-wipes and other approaches currently in high demand.

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EPA and FDA compliant laboratory studies show that these NanoSeptic® skins and mats turn dirty, high traffic touch points…like door handles and counter-tops...into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Engineered with a proprietary blend of material science, nanotechnology and green chemistry, NanoSeptic® surfaces don’t contribute to antimicrobial resistance and are free of toxins, heavy metals, and diluted poisons. And it’s about more than creating cleaner environments. It’s a new “visible” clean which delivers a feeling of safety and security at every touch point

NanoSeptic® Peel-and-Stick Skins for Facility Touch Points and Fixed Applications provide a self-cleaning touch point for door push pads, push bars, handle wraps, desktop skins, or even grocery cart handle wraps. They are particular useful for touch screen on tablets, elevator buttons, cell phone screens, hospital touch screen equipment and other high risk transfer points that are extremely difficult to keep protected.


Applications by Industry

Healthcare, Senior Care and Dental: Improve patient experience with touch points throughout public areas including door handles, counter mats, patient and exam room mats, and over-the-bed tray table mats. Travel mats can be sent home with patients, extending your brand and mission outside your facility.

Hospitality and Travel: Hotels, cruise lines and resorts can provide travel mats in the room and sell travel kits in the lobby store. Touch points throughout the public areas including doors and reception desk counter mats.

Education and Day Care: Touch points in public areas. Desk mats for students and teachers. Snack mats for students.

Janitorial and Facilities Management: Branded touch points installed and maintained by maintenance staff as part of cleaning for wellness rather than simply appearance.

Fitness and Food Service: A perfect fit for our continuously self-cleaning surfaces.

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