Strategic Planning Print

An organization's strategic plan is it's roadmap to The need for detailed strategic plans drives organizations to incorporate the ISO standards as well as deploy quality management throughout agencies and organizations. CAI Associates and Affiliates have the capability to assist customers in all facets of quality management to include functional reviews, organizational assessment, strategic planning, benchmarking, balanced scorecard development, Lean, Six Sigma, and more.

future improvement and growth. A good strategic plan is a living document, one that includes guidance, explanation, and directive. Its intent is to set the organizational vision and direction through shared goals, objectives, and strategies while allowing all parts of the organization to reach and exceed those goals in an employee empowered, innovative environment. A good strategic plan will grow with the organization. It is the basis for centralized strategic planning at the executive level and decentralized functional planning at the staff office, agency, and directorate levels. We assist organizations in developing and deploying strategic plans.

In addition to the strategic planning process itself, the CAI makes available facilitators and expertise to train organizations in Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, ISO (European Quality Standard), Lean, Six Sigma, and Functional Reviews.