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CAI Africa Capabilities PDF Print E-mail

The Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) currently has representative in numerous African Countries to include:

  • Kampala, Uganda
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Jubaa, Southern Sudan.
  • Maputo, Mozambique.
  • Lusaka, Zambia.
  • Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Luanda, Angola.
  • Kigali, Rwanda
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria
  • Dili, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

The CAI has the capability to develop business in any African country through indigenous representatives in both the public and private sectors to include decision-makers and funders at the highest government levels.

Our team’s expertise and links with business and public sector leaders in a diverse range of expanding economies across Africa has potential to significantly enhance our prospective clients’ customer base. Our company has a demonstrated record of assisting foreign corporations in establishing and developing business opportunities in non-traditional markets.

Previous clients include: ARINC, Terracom Sarl, On the Frontier, China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation, MSD and more.

We both consult with companies to facilitate developing market strategies in Africa and facilitate implementing those strategies for rapid and high sustained Return on Investment (ROI). The CAI has the unique capability to connect our clients with decision-makers and funding sources in Africa as well as develop the implementation strategy for high Return on Investment (ROI) execution.

Overview of CAI Core Capabilities

Capacity to Develop Opportunities in Multiple Sectors including: Defense; Maritime; Peacekeeping; Telecommunications; Infrastructure; Resources; Consumer Goods; Agriculture. Health; Mining; Banking

Analysis to Identify the Right Opportunities

  • Market Analysis, Entry Research and Identification
  • Data collection and analysis of the market potential lucrativeness vis-a-vis a fit with the client's capabilities, cultural inclinations and philosophy
  • Evaluation of the business-friendly climate and government(s), e.g., local and national, as a part of market attractiveness
  • Specific identification of the barriers to entry, key factors for success, the decision-maker process and key influencers
  • Identification and creation of possible partnerships to help in the market entry process.

Strategic Planning to Seize Opportunities with Reduced Risk and ROI

  • Tailored Business Strategies
  • Competitor Assessment, best practices, and Benchmarking
  • Market Survey Design, implementation, Data coding and interpretation
  • Strategic Planning

Forming Highly Productive Teams (Internal, Foreign Partners, Public-Private Partnerships)

  • US – Africa Bilateral and US – Africa – China Trilateral
  • Identify and secure in-country partners and establish Public-Private Partnerships

Providing the Needed Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to Achieve Sustained Success

  • Briefing on legal framework for protection of foreign direct investment in selected jurisdictions.
  • Developing and implementing business agreements and payment guarantees.
  • Cultural Immersion, Sensitivity and Training company personnel for each country
  • Organizational and Cultural Alignment
  • Multicultural Workforce Development
  • Executive Coaching and Development

Entering African Markets and Executing for Maximum Success:

  • Access to decision-makers at the highest African government levels
  • Organizing customized trade missions access to sovereigns
  • Expanding current operations into Africa
  • Evaluation of current activities and cost efficiency
  • Competitive assessment
  • Logistics and supply chain