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The Virtual Community

Gateway to CAI hosted technology enablers that support the global humanitarian community
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The CAI’s logo is based on a combination of several international and historic symbols that capture the Center’s ethos.




The ideogram of the converging arrows to a central point is universally recognized to represent a meeting place. For the CAI this symbolizes the coming together of the best expertise regardless of source.




The circle with a point at its center is ancient. This ideogram seems to have been used in every cultural sphere on earth. Wherever it appears, it has the same meaning: the sun or something that is closely associated with the sun, such as hydrogen (in Dalton's nineteenth-century chemistry). It can mean sunshine in a meteorological system, gold in alchemy, plant with a one year life cycle (one sun cycle) in botany, driving wheel on locomotives as a railway ideogram, and here live bad-tempered people in both the British and the US systems of hobo signs. On nautical charts this ideogram is used for chimneys, towers, and high structures in general, visible from the sea.

In Cabbalistic mysticism, the archangel Michael was related to the sun and the day of the sun, Sunday. Thus the ideogram was the sign used to represent that archangel.

When the ideogram is not used in direct association with the sun or gold, in modern ideography it most often indicates a center. This is the case in cartography and blueprints of different types. In the same way the Swedish boy-scouts use it to mean I have gone home (the center for a child is home).

Although this ideogram is found in practically every type of culture and in all periods of history, there are exceptions.

In esoteric astrology the ideogram represents the creative spark of divine consciousness that exists in every individual linking him or her to the source and origin of life, and making him or her the co-creator of the world. This spark of consciousness is the self ("I think, thus I am," as Descartes expressed it). In astrological psychology  the ideogram stands for the desire to live and the individual's life energy. This life energy is "coloured" by the zodiac sign in which the ideogram is positioned at the moment of the individual's birth, according to astrologers.

In the body this ideogram symbolizes the heart, the blood circulation and the backbone. As a symbol for people in an individual's life in the birth chart it represents men in general, people in positions of authority, and political and religious leaders. It is also related to the image of the father.

In relation to the CAI, it symbolizes the depth of human imagination and creativity each participant brings to the collective center of the CAI Team. By harnessing the wisdom of the crowd while recognizing the important of the individual, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.