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The Virtual Community

Gateway to CAI hosted technology enablers that support the global humanitarian community
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history-iconThe Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) is a Virginia Small Disabled Veteran Limited Liability Corporation established in 2010 and incorporated in Virginia in 2011 as an out-growth of Partners International Foundation (PIF), a non-profit organization recognized as a public charity under United States Law, section 501(c)(3).

PIF is composed of dedicated individuals who, collectively, possess extensive experience and/or advanced degrees in international affairs (some are sovereigns), military operations, technology development, social science, test and measurement, software design, and program evaluation. PIF enables collaboration between local people and international experts to plan, develop, and maintain sustainable livelihoods.

In 2011, the founders and directors of Partners International Foundation became aware of the need for this innovative philosophy to support the public and private sectors engaged in non-humanitarian work. This presented an opportunity to conduct for-profit endeavors for these customers with a portion of the profits funding PIF’s charitable activities.

The CAI is a for-profit organization facilitating centers of excellence formed around public-private partnerships. Each partnership brings together human ingenuity and technology, from any source, to solve complex problems. The CAI and its associated centers are non-partisan bodies dedicated to changing the future through applying innovation to solve the most difficult problems encountered by public and private sector customers—from individual companies to sovereign nations. A portion of the CAI’s private sector profits support PIF’s charitable work.