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The Virtual Community

Gateway to CAI hosted technology enablers that support the global humanitarian community
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Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

Members of the Public and private sector as well as individuals can join the Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) in various capacities ranging from Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and teaming agreements through full membership as a associates or affiliates. The level of participation depends on the potential participants capabilities and desires.

What binds Associate, Affiliates, and Participants are the core values of integrity and trust.  All individuals and organizations who participate in any aspect of the CAI’s work must adhere to the highest ethical standards and maintain the absolute trust of their fellow participants.

To be an Associate or Affiliate, potential participants must:

  • accept the standard terms and conditions of the CAI Business Agreement as well as the agreed terms and conditions of the Standing Offer.
  • demonstrate skills and expertise in one or more of the key capability areas:
    - proven creativity and innovation in solving complex problems
    - diversity and breath to accomplish CAI goals and objectives
    - organization and individual level of energy needed
    - proven ability to produce as a member of a highly productive team operating in a complex teams environment
  • commit to undertake all CAI activities at CAI facilities or designated CAI partner locations and Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • include Partners International Foundation (PIF) and other PIF partner charities in their corporate giving

CAI Associates

CAI Associates are individuals, organizations or Centers of Excellence (COE) from which Innovation Teams are formed to meet customer needs.  Associates have priority to participate in all new CAI efforts as well as providing Secondees to teams. Associates are also allocated a larger number of seats on the CAI Engagement  Board where they serve on a rotational basis.  Associate membership requires demonstrated performance on one or more CAI projects.  To qualify for Associate Membership, a potential candidate must:

  • possess a broad suite of capabilities with experience delivering solutions to complex problems
  • demonstrate understanding of the CAI’s requirements and operations through successfully delivering or completing one or more complex projects.
  • demonstrate a commitment to:
    • finding the best, most cost effective solution regardless of source;
    • participating in a fully collaborative environments; and
    • sharing intellectual property discovered during solution development

CAI Affiliates

CAI Affiliates are individuals, organizations or Centers of Excellence (COE) with specific niche capabilities brought in for specific projects and programs to meet customer needs. Although Affiliates are allocated positions on the Engagement Board,  they are elected to serve. Affiliates who successfully contribute to one or more CAI efforts can apply to become full Associates. To qualify for Affiliate Membership, a potential candidate must:

  • possess niche capabilities with successful experience.
  • have the capability to provide high quality people with skills and experience in their applicable niche capability areas to be explored by the CAI.

To initiate the process to become a CAI Associate or Affiliate, perspective partners must execute and NDA and, following an orientation, submit the appropriate Associate or Affiliate application with required agreements. To begin this process contact the CAI at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CAI Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Holders

NDAs are executed with all interested parties as a means to explore potential participation in the CAI and its projects while protecting the intellectual property rights of participants. Executing a CAI NDA include a potential participant in the development and exploration dialogue.